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Simon Wistow

Be careful about the volunteering - I checked some stuff out last year and there are potential visa issues since volunteering still counts as work. It's a bit of a legal grey area as I understand it so you're probably ok but it might be worth double checking.

Garth Webb

I think you should create categories for each of these things and tag your posts accordingly. That way we can praise/shame you with full/blank category pages!

Claire Alcock

Great idea Garth! But I have created categories - How about you hack the ability to have a list of categories on the side bar of my micro blog? :)

Claire Alcock

Thanks for the tip Simon! Happy New Year

daisy barringer

Um, my favorite: "I will not drink alcohol in January - (except red wine in an emergency)"

Irvin James

number 9 is really cool ;) You think you'll manage yourself?

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